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@TheVampsJames: Here’s Connor’s ;) http://t.co/c3fGYwRX3C

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wow  i got 2k followers, you guys are amazing, thank you, not just for follow me, but also for every single one of you guys talk with me once, or reblog my stupid posts, or think the same way as me, sometimes.

This web site have the most beautiful and funny/bitch and LITERALLY crazy people in this world, and i love every single one of you guys. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT, don't let anyone make you think you aren't, because you are, trust me. SMILE FOR ME, FOR YOU, FOR THE VAMPS. haha jk (for the names in bold have a special message)

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aww thank you! Congrats on 2k !
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this isn’t even a joke anymore; honestly how is this boy still alive and walking 

I’m telling you this child is a walking accident

just means you both get too kiss him better. aye babies accioconnor & smoshingconnorball cumformeconnor

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